14. May 2016

Support motion on a clarification of double employee/student status of Lithuanian junior doctors

The current ambiguous status of Lithuanian junior doctors being both employees and students creates uncertainty in their training and working environments.

28. April 2016

European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD) Motion of support to Norwegian Junior Doctors (YLF)

EJD strongly supports the Junior Doctors Association of Norway (YLF) in their continued fight for pregnant junior doctors and their right to fair and safe working conditions during pregnancy.

04. April 2016

Workshop on working and training conditions of Junior Doctors

The European Junior Doctors (EJD), Medical Chamber of Nordbaden and Marburger Bund held a joint workshop on working and training conditions of Junior doctors focusing on Family and work issues and e.portfolio.
10. February 2016

EJD supports strike of junior doctors in England

The EJD continues to support junior doctors in England and the BMA as they take action in order to achieve a contract that is safe for patients, fair for junior doctors and good for the NHS.

05. December 2015

Bullying in the health service

In the health service, recent studies suggest a certain culture of bullying that is also driving some health staff abroad to work. But it's even more serious, writes Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers.

BMA Support
31. October 2015

European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD) Motion of Support

The European Junior Doctors‘ Permanent Working Group calls on the UK government to halt plans to impose a new contract on junior doctors in England.

31. October 2015

Call for Improved Training and Working Conditions for NonConsultant Hospital Doctors in Ireland

The European Junior Doctors’ Permanent Working Group (EJD) calls on the Irish government and health authorities to take urgent steps to improve the training and working conditions of Irish nonconsultant hospital doctors (NCHDs)

15. September 2015

EJD and IMO Joint Seminar on GP Trainee Issues

The European Junior Doctors (EJD) and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) held a joint seminar on GP Training Issues on Saturday 5th of September in IMO House.

03. September 2015

Progress in Hungarian Primary Care

Hungarian Residents Organisation points out rising success of the GP cluster program in which they are deeply involved. Within the last 1, 5 years around 50% of the intervention area population did participate in the new health status assessment.

26. May 2015

TMA Junior Doctor Assembly - Ankara

On 16 May 2015, assistant doctors from all over Turkey met in the Grand Gathering of Assistant Doctors organized by TMA’s Branch of Young Specialists. Participants from various provinces improvised their daily life problems through a forum theatre.