09. May 2015

EJD Motion on Training Time as Working Time

The European Junior Doctors’ Permanent Working Group (EJD) wishes to reiterate its position, that training time should be considered as working time for the purposes of the implementation of the EU Working Time Directive across the continent.

09. May 2015

Motion on Freedom of Association

The European Junior Doctors‘ Permanent Working Group calls on the German federal government to halt plans to introduce legislation that will curtail the rights of smaller specialist trade unions (called 'Tarifeinheitsgesetz'), and shares the Marburger Bund’s serious concerns.

08. May 2015


In its joint conference the EJD / AEMH / FEMS adopted the Vienna declaration on the European Working Time Directive, Clinical Leadership and Workforce.

10. April 2015

Doctors’ Wellbeing Conference

20th March 2015 at the Central Auditorium at Mater Dei Hospital. This conference was organised jointly between the Medical Association of Malta and the European Junior Doctors. The topic discussed was Doctors’ Wellbeing.

28. March 2015

The SocialMe: A Master Class for Healthcare Professionals

EJD document on social network wil be presented during SocialMe event in 2015. Interested EJD can subscribe to the event following informations in the leaflet. 

16. March 2015

Joint MAMEJD conference 2015

Invitation to joint MAM/EJD conference on Doctors’ wellbeing which will be held on the 20th March 2015 at the Central Auditorium at Mater Dei Hospital.

11. February 2015

Joint DJS, LAD, EJD Workshop on Task Shifting 2015

To elaborate the impact and requirements of “Task Shifting” in the medical field the EJD / LAD / DJS are inviting to a common workshop on this topic. Existing programmes will be presented as well as future options discussed.

29. January 2015

Outcomes Report of Workshop on Task Shifting

The Joint DJS, LAD, EJD Workshop on Task Shifting 2015 on saturday 17th january 2015, discussed on task shifting and its implications on training opportunities for junior doctors.

02. January 2015

Joint Action Project Meeting

EJD has been invited to participate to a meeting in the ministry of health in Rome, mainly focused on the planning of workforce in health.

01. January 2015

Single Market Forum 2014 Workshop - 'The European Professional Card'

EJD has been invited to participate to the meeting on European Professional Card in Rome.