28. February 2014

EJD e-health session in Med-e-tel 2014

We are pleased to invite you to the EJD e-session on e-health during Med-e-tel 2014 ( in Luxemburg (April 11th from 11.00 am to 13.00). Junior doctors will benefit of a special discount. For any further information please write to

15. February 2014

Reconciliation of work and family life

Due to the high interest in the topic of family & work the EJD implemented a Working Group which is now gathering information for further further discussion and improvement.

02. February 2014

EJD Forum on working conditions in Ljubljana

The EJD in cooperation with the Slovenian Junior Doctors will host a Forum on “Junior Doctor´s working condition” in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the 15th of March. We invite all Junior Doctors to participate and discuss about experiences on working conditions in Postgraduate Medical Training in Europe.

31. January 2014

Outcomes Report on EJD Workshop 'The Continuum of Medical Education'

The European Junior Doctors (EJD) once again hosted a workshop in Frankfurt, Germany to focus on the Junior Doctors’ perspectives and implications of a particular subject.
23. November 2013

Commission refers Ireland to Court of Justice

EC Press Release:

The European Commission has decided to refer Ireland to the EU's Court of Justice for not complying with the EU rules on limits to working time for doctors in public health services.

15. November 2013

Statement on Curricula & Assessments

The European Junior Doctors (EJD) believes that doctors in training should be required to fulfil set criteria’s for successful progress and be monitored by continuous assessments.

14. November 2013

EJD Policy on Bologna Process

The Bologna declaration signed in 1999 by Education Ministers from 29 European countries, created the European Higher Education Area with the aim of making academic degrees and quality assurance standards more comparable and compatible throughout Europe.

13. November 2013

Motion on informal payments in healthcare

The European Junior Doctors (EJD) is concerned about informal payment in healthcare and is continually monitoring situations in European countries where this is present.

28. October 2013

EWTD and Croatian Doctors strike

On September 18th 2013 a strike of Croatian doctors was started, organized by the Croatian Doctors' Trade Union.  It was done in cooperation with the Croatian Nurses' Union (which finished their participation in strike on September 26th 2013)

17. October 2013

Success for ISNIH - Commission Infringements Package: Formal Request Sent to France

The EU Commission has opened a procedure against France because hospital doctors’ right to a 48-hour average weekly working time is currently not guaranteed in France.